1、The ticking clock laughed at my ignorance, already through the bustling, but also determined to wait until the curtain fell. Wistful, hear lonely SOB, see waiting for the old. Lost the direction, lost the self.


2、pick up the mood, go on, miss the flowers, you will harvest the rain, miss this one, you will meet the next.


3、 if we are children, we can stay in the place of time, sitting together listening to those never old story side haoshou slowly.


4、we said with a smile we stay in the place of time in fact has been quietly swept away by the flood


5、 time has not taught me anything, but taught me not easy to believe in the myth


6、who is who in the life of the traveler, who is the wheel of life, the dust of the past, the wind of the present, endless sorrow of the soul.


7、feelings are so complex, injury is a kind of happiness, experience will understand.


8、I want to learn a person to go after the road, as if this life has never had you.


9、Wound like me, is a stubborn child, refused to heal, just because the heart is a warm and moist place, suitable for anything to grow.


10、love is like an hourglass, and tears and heartache, is the trickling sand, every time miss turn, will cause a break. Every brokenhearted people used to sing “happy break up” suffering after the time of break up, many urban men and women have experienced this


11、if the end is the beginning, then, you will be waiting for me at a junction? When we meet again, shall we not say goodbye? Our love will no longer be so shallow, so light.


12、deep words to shallow, the long way to go to waste. Big world to feel frankly, will be a painful wound to gently rub.


13、No matter how far away we are, you will not feel lonely.


14、 I always think, my memory is not live in the long street, and my rings die in the long street.


15、I am on the other side of the river, watch before return, return hopeless.


16、 no matter how quiet and vague those figures will never forget.


17、inadvertently, always leave no trace to leave. Brought us how much melancholy, how much sorrow. Vicissitudes and helplessness may be our symbol at the moment, forced to choose, forced to understand.


18、 life into a confused, muddy, shuffling disorder. Like a scar many years ago, can not heal, can not split, such as wipe the shadow of my footsteps, is such as death!


19、 there have been too many perfect let me try my best to cherish, but the outcome is staged alone life, alone sad, lonely life tears happiness.


20、I can not touch your gentle, but for your sad eyes.