1, the green light is longer, waiting for a but the road is still useless.


2, the past no longer come back, come back no longer perfect!


3, if love can be at will, I will not be so confused.


4, often before inadvertently think of someone, not forget, but can not let go, to anyone who don’t want to care, in a dark corner simmer, always don’t understand love met shouldn’t put down the people, after know love is just kind of unintentional injury, met a talent really understand the meaning of love, miss a talent really realized the feeling of heartache.


5, change your notes to your first name, first name and last name back to the original appearance.


6, the world disappeared into the last melting snow.


7, sometimes I really miss you think of my heartache.


8, Don’t say I’m good, I’m not that good. Don’t say I’m bad. I’m not that bad. I am me, love and don’t love, you free.


9, long live lonely love innocent who guarantees to wake up with someone.


10, sister poured out of the water, even the basin is not good!


11, I always do three minutes of heat, but love you so long.


12, perfect is a kind of obsession, I insist, you at will.


13, you are my poor life dare not chase and forget the dream.


14, after all, you are just I did a dream for a long time, wake up early, really unbearable, eyes wide open some wood shout and don’t give up, numb to no tears, wanted to with a cavity foolhardiness, to chase you all the way, even if to take off the shoes with blood also it doesn’t matter, as long as you take me go together, but I laughed, you never want to want to wait for me, what I might have to overtake you.


15, I don’t even have any reason to be angry with you, how can I talk about forgiveness.


16, first it is the feelings that make you forget the moment, then it is the moment that makes you forget the feelings.


17, if two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find a way to find each other.


18, at that time, has become today’s running things.


19, you can look back at me, I don’t have the strength to like others.


20, you will eventually delete the original desperate want to leave things.