1. The water is cold and the river is quiet, and the moon stars are sparse. Maybe we should all have a good heart, take this life as the last life, wait at the junction of fate, respect every hard won feelings.


2. Those who said that they would never be separated before have already scattered in the end of the world.


3. Work, take a step back to expand the world; feelings, take a step back to empty space.


4. I haven’t been waiting for you all the time. You forgot to take me away. The firefly in my left hand is unforgettable. In my right hand is a long meditation for ten years.


5. A person always has to walk on a strange road, watch strange scenery, listen to familiar songs, and then think of our days in an inadvertent moment. Familiar face, familiar appearance.


6. There is no emotion that requires you to put down your dignity and practice yourself, and to suffer. Feelings may make you at a loss, make you jealous and angry, make you sad and cry. But it’s warm, it’s pleasant, it’s safe


7. Everyone is a king. He is domineering in his own world. You don’t like to listen to me, but you don’t want me to listen to you.


8. Love is an innocent kite, pulling the people who care most.


9. Poetic simplicity. There is no end to time. It is because of understanding that we are merciful. ——White plums


10. There is no legend of grass growing and Yingfei flying in this city. It always lives in reality, with fast drums, hurried figures, numb eyes and false smiles, while I am being assimilated


11. Love is heartache. You can like a lot of people, but there is only one thing that hurts.


12. How many memories will remind me of your feeling after a thousand years? Perhaps, in the memory of this moment, only the dark back is left, but my heart is in tears.


13. Suddenly, I think of someone, and a giggle. Then, a loss.


14. Ideal husband’s condition: take out and bring back.


15. It’s not easy to turn a page in the past without turning it. If you turn it over, you will lose your eyes.


16. There are only so many places around a person, and so many you can give. In this narrow circle, some people have to leave if they want to come in.


17. Who has walked through whose youth left a smile; who has stayed in whose flower season and warmed my miss; who has disappeared from whose rainy season and flooded with tears.


18. If you move your heart, tears will flow.


19. The memory wants to be the water in the palm. No matter you spread it out or hold it tightly, it will flow clean from the fingers.


20. If you smile once, I will be happy for several days; but if you cry once, I will be sad for several years.