There once lived a young man who was always unhappy and complained about his poverty.

One day, he went to see a fortune teller to inquire how to become wealthy.

The fortune teller said, “Young man, you are already wealthy now.”

“Where is my wealth?” the young man asked anxiously.

“It is with you. Your eyes are your wealth. You use them to see this world. You use them to see all the beautiful things in this world. You can read, study and learn.

Your hands are your wealth. You can use them to work. You can use them to hug your beloved ones.

Your legs are your wealth. You can go to any places…” the fortune teller said.
“你的腿就是你的财富,你可以去任何地方。” 算命先生说道。

“You call these wealth? Everyone has them,” the young man said.

“These are wealth. What you have now are not what others can luckily have. Are you willing to give your eyes to me? I am willing to give you a lot of money in exchange for them,” the fortune teller said.

“No, are you crazy? I am not going to exchange my eyes for money! They are precious to me!” the young man yelled.

“Precisely, these are wealth to you. You will not exchange them for money. Furthermore, although a lot of people have their wealthy things, they do not realize them or treasure them.

They complain that the world is unfair to them. Do you want to lose one of them before you will treasure them?” the fortune teller said.
“他们抱怨世界对他们不公,难道你要等到失去其中之一后才会珍惜它们吗?” 算命先生说道。

Everyone is wealthy. But we should not take it for granted. We need to treasure our wealth, take care of it and use it wisely.

We should not overuse it because once it is gone, it is gone forever. Remember it is our wealth that we do not want to lose.