Calm friendship, many things come more easily, but I subconsciously put you at the top of a good friend.


The lunch hall is the most crowded and crowded time, so I changed the original meal time so that you don’t have to stand around and watch others finish their meal. I would rather pretend to be hungry to run to the canteen in advance to play meal occupation, and then wait for you to enter the canteen, waved to you, as if nothing had happened to say: “true coincidence, I just eat, you sit here! Go first!” I never sit at the table with you for fear of attracting gossip.


There will be a girl asked you to send me love letters, but I have no interest. I make fun of ground to laugh way: “I don’t like vulgar woman, rather than with them association waste time, with the elder brothers together swing asperse on the court!” So, you are more assured to get along with me, without scruples to joke with me, we spent a sunny day.


You live in the school, and I go to school, every rainy season, I deliberately put my mother to my umbrella at home, just after class to borrow you mulberry in your dormitory building waiting for you for a while, other girls handed the umbrella was rejected by me, I muttered to you: “I don’t want to owe those little girls the favor!”


Gradually, we more tacit understanding. Some big classes are held by several classes together in a huge echoing lecture theatre. I will send you a text to remind you to help me save my seat. I know in my heart you won’t forget it, but then I can ask you what you’re doing and move on to other topics.


Perhaps we are too close, beyond friendship, become a little ambiguous.


It’s all about pressure from people around you, and one day you can’t help texting me, “you don’t like me, do you?”


After three minutes of reaction, I typed the line against my will:


“Of course not, we are good friends! As long as you don’t like me, ha ha…”


“That I am relieved ~~” your affirmative reply almost synchronously sent, let me greatly disappointed.


And my innermost most true voice is: of course like, from the first sight doomed to love you. I fell in love with you at first sight, but I am satisfied with the relationship with you now. At least I can watch you smile and cry. I understand that if I send it to you like this, it will bring you trouble. It is not because I am not confident in myself, but because I know that you are not a woman with changeable.


You rarely cry, occasionally encounter very touching things you will be red in the eyes, and then strong endure the past. And that time, let me not forget, he hurt your heart, and my heart is like a knife cut pain.


Your love, I rarely ask, you occasionally casually mention his name, see your charming smile my heart actually dull pain. But I repeatedly comfort myself, you happy good! However, your love with him is always unable to continue, from the frequency you mentioned him to me again and again, you can be aware that the pure youth in high school emotional fragile immature, can not withstand the barrier of time and space. He has a new girlfriend on the other side of town, and you are naturally the most familiar strangers.


Occasionally see your eyes with tears, I really want to stop you in the arms. But I am a gentleman, can not take advantage of people’s danger, the only thing to do is to search for some bad jokes on the Internet, to make you happy, see your smile more and more, my heart that big stone gradually.


Everything comes too suddenly, let to the feelings have been confused you more apprehensive, and I at this time is your best confide. I know I can’t take advantage of it, so I hold off.


Imperceptibly, I have been deeply into the whirlpool of love, unable to extricate themselves, but in the face of you I always shrink. I’m afraid of your rejection, then you won’t want to see me again. I never told you that my family had let me go abroad and the visa had been granted. My confession is not to increase your pressure, but I have to face you bravely. Whether you accept or reject, I will leave. My thoughts will linger around you, the only thing I can’t trust is you.