1,want to hold your hand, respect the hands of all guests.


2,There is light in the day, stars at night, fish in the water, birds in the sky, in this fickle and prosperous world, you are rare.


3,want to take you to see the stars, want to tell you loudly I am fascinated by you, the past is in a hurry, you will always be moved, the rest of the life, I just want you.


4,I hope to meet a person, looks like you, character like you, the best is you.


5,Things in the world, are difficult to succeed, the people in the world, are not as good as you.


6,Your heart is my cape and horizon, I can not go farther. We go to the ends of the earth, not half the world, but the world with.


7, I would like to write to abandon the flowers, from now on, from yi dao, only for you.


8, Don’t you smell something burning? My heart is burning.


9,the butterfly is the soul of the flower, is the flower of the past immortal thoughts, to find the oath of this life.


10,If we can be together, I will never miss you.