On earth, except human beings, what else? Yes, there are animal. But after several years, animal numbers decreased gradually. Human beings have no regard animal as a friend?

  Animal and human should be good friends, but why animal and human enemies? Is because people don’t send in the eyes of the animal. Such as the cow. With cow dairy production such as human, cow milk can not time, humans will put the cow to brutally kill. Cow’s milk, will not be released? The cow is also a vivid life ah! In recent years the “plague, AIDS, mad cow disease, avian flu”, these are a harbinger of animal who respond! The meeting has also had the third world war? Our ancestors is an animal! If human beings don’t stop this killing the animal behavior, is the mother of our area heavy blow ah!

  Home we don’t damage animal now, so they can feel at ease to animal reproduction. Animal friends, also have a piece of blue sky, let the bird fly freely; to the animal a piece of green grass, let the cattle and sheep running merrily; also a world of waters animal, allow the animal to be light of heart from care to swim in the ocean. Perhaps, this can soothe animal were wounded soul. Animal originally bad, but human destruction of their homes, these are just their effects on human “revenge”.

  Friends, let us work together to protect animal!






  December 4th, 2012, will be the first-ever Wildlife Conservation Day. Our goal is to inform more people about this global conservation crisis. Attacks on rhinos and elephants are multiplying at an alarming rate. Species around the globe such as tigers in Asia are endangered. By some estimates, the black market for wildlife trafficking is rivaled in size only by the illegal arms and drug trade. The slaughter of endangered species robs communities of income from tourism, reduces biodiversity, encourages corruption, undermines good governance.

  That’s why we are training officials and educating prosecutors about wildlife crimes and helping countries strengthen their enforcement laws. But we can’t do this without you. Please, join us. Become part of the solution. You have the choice to refuse to purchase products made from endangered wildlife. Together we can save these animals before it is too late. Stand up and speak out, and stop this trade. Visit the website Take the pledge to respect and protect the world’s wildlife.




  I am very glad to give a speech today.The topic of my speech is the animal.I always think that animals are the friends of our human beings.They are not so complicated as our people,and they can always bring us plenty of happiness and satisfaction.

  Since I was a child,I have been keeping animals,such as cats,dogs,ducks and so on.Sometimes I feel a little troublesome to feed them,but everytime I think about the happiness they have brought to my family,I will find that it is worth doing it in spite of so much hard working.You can imagine that,when you come home with your tired body,dogs are rushing at you and swinging their tails happily.That kind of warm feeling can be only brought by the pets.

  Both the domestic animals and the wild animals are lovely.However,they are being treated cruelly by lots of people at present.I can’t understand those people.You may not like animals,even you could hate them,but you have no rights to hurt them.

  Every life of the living creatures is equal.Every life of them has the right to live happily.Human beings mustn’t hurt those innocent creatures for our personal desire.

  Animals regard us as their friends,so we should let them enjoy their happy lives too.

  Now,that is all of my speech today.Thanks for your listening.