Dear dad and mum,

  I have been very happy in the school. Sometimes, at night I cry in the bed because I miss you very much. You always say “Learn well and I will be happy.” So I work hard in the school every day. After class I play with my classmates. We skip rope, play cards and ball and so on. I spend a lot of time doing my homework. After lunch we have to do Kumon. When I finish, I play Pingpong with my friends. Then I spend some time reading my English notes. At six oclock I have my evening class. Then I have my evening snack at twenty past seven. After that, I have some free time. At eight oclock, I go to bed. This is a day in the school. Mum, you always tell me “Happiness is very important in our life.” So I want to be happy every day. If you are not happy, call me please.



  Many people like the weekends, so do I . Now let me tell you about my weekends.

  My weekends are so colourful. Saturday morning, I usually climb a mountain. Then, I go to the zoo to visit my new friends Ben. In the afternoon, I usually do homework and read books. On Sunday, I usually do sports, play games, watch TV and read books.

  Last weekend, I went to a zoo with my parents. Suddenly I saw a little monkey. It was hurt. We took care of him. Dad said:”How about naming it Ben?” We said:” Great !” We were so happy! But Ben can’t live with us. So we gived it to the zoo. I was sad.

  Next weekend. I’m going to visit my new friend Ben. I am going to play with him. It is going to be a happy moment.

  I like my weekends!