Long, long ago, a farmer thought the shoots in his fields were not growing fast enough. He wanted to help them.So he pulled every shoot up, then went home, feeling very tired but very satisfied. “Look, how great I an! I can think out such a good idea.From now on, my shoots will grow faster and faster,” he thought. “I an very tired today,” he said to his family, “Ive been helping the young shoots to grow.”When his son heard this, he ran out to the fields to have a look.To his surprise, he found all the shoots weredead.


  Last term, I graduated from primary school. It means that I will be a junior school student next term. I am looking forward to my school life in the new school.Likewise, it means that this summer holiday is my last summer holiday in primary school.I want to do something different.Firstly, I do some preview for my junior school study. I want to have a good preparation for the new study tasks.Secondly, I learn to be independent.I learn to cook, so that when my parents go out, they dont have to worry about me.Besides, I try hard to finish my work independently. I hope I can start to handle my own affairs by myself.Through this summer holiday, I do well in this aspect.Finally, I play a lot in summer holiday, meeting friends, doing exercise and so on.I have a rich summer holiday.