attend用法(attend/join/join in/take part in 用法区别)

attend/join/join in/take part in 都可表示出席、参加的意思,但用法有所区别:

1、attend 指出席活动、晚会、会议、课程。例如:He did not attend the meeting yesterday.

2、join指加入某个组织党派、团体,并成为其中的一员。例如:My father joined the party in 1990.

3、join in 指参加某种娱乐、竞赛、谈话等活动,如We are going to play football.Do you want to join in?

4、take part in 意为参加某种活动(与join in 用法一样),特别是参加正在进行的活动。如:They all dressde up to take part in the New Year’s party.


Tom was so happy to ________his best friend’s wedding.

A join B join in C attend D take part in