Dear teacher, dear students:

  Everybody is good! The title of my speech today is: the national flag fluttering.

  Inadvertently saw the five-star red flag flies on the playground, against the background of the leaves is very bright. When I see the national flag, my heart skip a beat and kind of respect, let me once in a very long while can’t calm pride and responsibility.

  We often say the five-star red flag of the dyed red by the blood of the martyrs, in fact, many great men and soldier’s achievement is to add luster to the flag. When the manned spacecraft mission success again and again, when displaying the national flag li-wei in spacecraft, the space left China, flag flutters to the progress of science and technology. In front of the disaster, aid from all directions, move, warm the heart, at the same time also let the flag be unselfish dedication touched.

  Flag is in our heart of the sun, it is light, is the hope. We poured all the love of the motherland in the five-star red flag.

  In Tibet, a man named tsering song jin, a 99 – year – old granny, she adhere to the national flag at home every day, many people are confused at her behavior and even mistakenly thought is the spirit of the old man out of the question, but don’t know the old man was expressed in this way for a deep feeling of the motherland. In old Tibet, the old man’s aunt is forced by the landlord, as falling off a cliff, the heavy burden of her husband also die in oppression, she was alone. Until 1959, the liberation of Tibet, the serfs! Great changes have taken place in the life of the old man is, in 1965, the National Day, she received a more precious than jewels for her gift – a red flag with five stars. From then on, even in the absence of the national anthem, and there is no formal flagpole or national flag on time every day, she represents the auspicious ghee and daub on the pole, to express the love and blessings of the motherland. 526 months, 526 days, for 45 years. The old man express with pure love in this way.

  Speak of the national flag will have to mention the national flag guards, a monitor of iron in the convoy, his name is Su Xing. During a mission, a nail pierced his spurs into the heart of his right foot, but he just walked through the jinshui bridge, through the chang an avenue, which covered a glorious 138 steps, completed a flag-raising tasks, from then on, he was known as the iron man. “Good up the motherland the first flag, condensed thousands of patriotism.” Is their commitment to the motherland.

  Love the national flag, is to love the motherland. As teenagers we is the hope of the motherland in the future, we are proud of our motherland more responsibility, we want to make the country more rich and strong (powerful), the national flag is more bright-coloured. Temporarily not economy after full power contributed to the construction of the motherland, for national strength enhancement in underdeveloped. Only said that we now, study hard, constant innovation and improving is the best return to the motherland, the true love!

  The national anthem at the moment resounds in my heart again, a flag in mind, five planets Venus yi yi is unripe brightness. I believe in, the unity of various nationalities and the leadership of the communist party of our struggle, our motherland will be figuring out a brilliant new chapter. See, flag in gone with the wind!












  Is my motherland, the beautiful and rich and strong (powerful). In covered with the flowers of the earth, under the vigorous growth of conifers, in all over the sky the sun light of sunrise, I read you greedy, solemnly.

  You is a book, it is a huge volumes across the heavens and the earth, records the Confucius “cultivate one’s morality rule. Flat world”, wen tianxiang “everyone must die, and return contemplated firebombing according to historical records,” declaimed; Tohave has left yue fei “loyalty”. Lin zexu humen “no-smoking” feat and young zhou “for the rise of the Chinese reading” clank of the oath… These shining like the sun shines in the hearts of each and every one of the Chinese nation, with an unyielding.

  Read you, I feel you again “vertical through the ages, cross has eight shortage” of the grand and vast. Your records too much great earth vicissitudes of life with the ups and downs – shame traitorous pact blazed the scar on your words; The invaders with the dust of imperialism trample over your beauty; Ten years of political turmoil has also make your feet become heavy slow… As I sigh. Sorrow and deep concern for you, you are strong to stand up again, in the “Chinese people have stood up from” cheers, the spring breeze of reform and opening to the outside, in Hong Kong and Macao return to laughter, in the joy of “shenzhou v” rise smoothly, in the five-star red flag flying above Athens, you welcomed the glorious time and time again, created an another miracle! I also saw a guileless. Gentle old man with “one center, two basic points”. “development is the absolute principle” brush paint blueprint: “economic growth at an average annual rate of nine point eight percent, China with six ranks the world before the comprehensive national strength and continue to move forward.” How exciting it all, what makes people inspired! What could be better than have prosperous motherland more fascinating proud and proud? !

  Read you, I sank into the meditation to death. Your content is so rich, your future is so beautiful: 16 big grand vision for you to inject new vitality; To accelerate the development of optoelectronic industry is to catch up with the world precedent; Petroleum resources, vigorously develop will make our self-sufficiency; A shallow sea water also can’t stop us complete reunification of the motherland. All this is to prove to the world of a nation. Clearly never yield and never destroyed spirit cry!

  ”Ride the waves will sometimes, straight to the sea and the sea in full sail.” The motherland, we firmly believe that your words will be more competitive, your future will be more beautiful!








  Dear teachers and schoolmates:

  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The title of my speech today is “I love my motherland”.

  In the east of the world, there is a civilized country, she is beautiful and broad. In the east of the world, there are a great people, she is industrious and strong, she is my motherland – China. I love my motherland, because of the beautiful scenery of the motherland; I love my motherland, for the motherland a hindrance; I love my motherland, for the motherland literature…

  The natural beauty of the motherland, to let the people praise. Magical jiuzhaigou, “guilin landscape of guilin”, “the world first Buddha” the leshan giant Buddha, the beauty of the Sun Moon Lake, the potala palace, the Himalayas… More than that, its majestic, magnificent, huangshan I putuoshan elegant, kunlun is halcyon, hangzhou is famous for its west lake, the world knows of Beijing the imperial palace. North scenery, ice jade build by laying bricks or stones; The loess plateau, bold and unrestrained. As the sentence: “jiangshan so much jiao, made countless heroes bow in homage”. This vast land, the sonata form, in addition to China, which country has so many beautiful scenery? Which country’s land there is that there are miles and miles of mountains and rivers of magnificent landscape? I love my motherland!

  A hindrance of the motherland is always let people praise. In the 60th anniversary of National Day military parade, sas students parade troops, sailors, airborne troops and other 14 contingent, permitted 30 equipment also profuse coming. Specially-built equipment from the armed forces, selection of domestic new equipment. Look at these equipment, I felt so proud and proud, I JunWei zhuang, zhuang in China, I love my motherland!

  Literature is always let people praise of the motherland. “Journey to the west” in ancient times, a dream of red mansions, romance of The Three Kingdoms, “the water margin” to bing xin’s “, and the stars “, lu xun in days of yore, guo moruo’s “phoenix nirvana”… All classic, which country in our country so excellent literary works? I love my motherland!

  I’m proud of myself is a Chinese, I love my motherland.















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