good evening:

  my favourite teacher and classmates. it is mypleasure to take a speech here for all of you. the title of my speech today is: mychina dream.

  “now everybody is talking the chinadream.i consider that to revitalize [,ri’va?t?la?z] (使恢复生气) the chinese nation great is thegreat dream of chinese nation”the declaration[dekl?’re??(?)n](宣布) of dream said by general secretary [‘sekr?t(?)r?]() xi jingping.and this is the chinadream of general secretary a contemporary[k?n’temp(?)r(?r)?] (当代的)college student,what are our chinadream of us being the god’s favored one(天之骄子)?shall we dare to have a dream,at thesame time.

  the answer is definite [‘def?n?t](肯定的).as a university man(大学生),we can dream everything as we want.weshould not only be brave to dream,but also dream a lot.every time,every bodyshould have a dream for himself.the dream vayries from person to person.howeverall of our dream are building upon the chinese this piece of land.we can nameit my china dream.i myself is a student of university,when i knew the news that china take tough foreign policy to protect our territory [‘ter?t(?)r?](领土) diaoyu island(钓鱼岛) some time ago from the internet。i felt pretty exciting. five thousand years of chinese diplomatic [d?pl?’m?t?k](外交的) history suggest it is more likely to respect a strong state than a weak and vacillating [‘v?s?le?t??] (优柔寡断的)one(弱国无外交).nowadays, china is shining on the diplomatic stage finally.moreand more chinese people are working hard to let the world to listen to the voiceof china ,to see the real china and to strive for(争取) equal rights to deal with international affairs.the journalist [‘d???n(?)l?st](记者) rei chenggang is one of them who is every dream is to be a diplomat [‘d?pl?m?t](外交家) and i am determined to work hard to let the world know the real china.i will take rei chenggang as my idol to help me become a great spreader [‘spred?(r)](传播者) to spread chinese culturl , belief and so on.though i will not be excellent as my idol and my dream may not come true.i also will try my best to pursue it,and the dream will be my wheels [wi?l](动力) of progress and lifelong pursuit. my china dream,my dream of being a diplomatist [d?’pl??m?t?st](外交家).a lot of people think that the dream.


  that’s all.thank you for your listening.


  Everyone has his dream. My dream is to be a famous doctor in the future. I like to help patients and let them healthy. The doctor’s work will be busy but interesting. My teacher said I was good at biology. But I still nees to improve my English, too, then I can read medical knowledges in English. So the patients from all over the world can get my helps.which can not come true is just a slogan,which is actually meaningless.sometimes the value of the dream is not if the dream will turn into reality or not,but the chase-up procedure [pr?’si?d??](过程).my china dream is built on the increasingly prosperous [‘pr?sp(?)r?s] (繁荣的)culture of china,which deplies on our strong country.i am proud of it very a young university student of the new era [‘??r?](时代),i am proud of my china dream so as my mother land. when the dream shines into reality,i feel very lucky to live inan era which can make young people to realize self ideal.


  Hello everybody!

  I am very glad to stand here to give you a short speech! Today my topic is Chinese dream

  First I want to ask you some questions: 1Do you know what is Chinese dream 2what is your Chinese dream?

  Chinese dream

  Chinese dream was put forward by chairman xi last year in order to direct Chinese to a clear future.For the whole nation, it means increasing the level of living.For every single Chinese , it means realizing the value of lifeThe realization of the whole nation’s dream can not be separated from everybody’s own dream. Only by everyone’s efforts can we make the nationy’s dream come true.

  For our young people, we are supposed to have our own dream. What is dream? The famous Chinese economist LangXianPing has ever said that:”Please do not expect too munch about Chinese students, because they don’t have dream. They only want to find a common job to earn money for a house or a car. They only have a target、purpose、or goal. They don’t have dream. Purpose is not dream.

  Dream is developed by your warm heart instead of cheating your eyes in the excuse of earning money! A dream is a clear spiritual lighthouse that gives out direction when you do not know what to expect in the days ahead and offers comfort and support when you become doubtful of yourself.

  So, it’s time that we took our measures to fight for our Chinese dream!

  That’s all. Thank you!


  For a nation’s dream, we start from the 1840 sea surface; to a constant pursuit, we deep in the years to write a glorious. In global view shows choice of the Chinese road of national rejuvenation; concentrated panorama in history.” Around the millennium change, eventful years, Chinese new century, great turning point, span, the future of six theme, reflects China’s great achievements since 1840, arduous and tortuous road of revitalization of the nation and the Chinese people made in China under the leadership of the Communist party. The “shock” “excited” tears “”…… This is my watch, taste right is felt when discourse. Process of reading and rejuvenation of the great, I reviewed the history of the Chinese nation 100 years the dream of power and unremitting exploration. Full and accurate historical data, magnificent momentum, a language, a precious historical pictures, shows a picture of the world national revival.


  aggressive against china and rocky on the way;to liberation war,industria-lization is the first dream.1,5plan to change the backwardness of china’s industrialization;80-90 to reform and openning up is the dream reform.dream makes oer country into a new era,yuanlongping is a ture gardner,whose dreamis to let people were away far for hungerall the word,he is in different to fame and wealth,a farmer,and spread wisdom,harvest rich.

  When you still have no dreams,see the diaoyu island was occopation by the janpanese and waste it?Do you suffer in silence if unprovoked provocation of the philippines.;lhasa rebellion of chinese dream is that we want to do?The china dream is not wo want,for students,we are the hope of the future.we are brought up to have thier our dreams,which are vital to the china future development.

  Every generation has in every generation’s dream,my dream is china dream,china dream is my dream.we should to fight with our chinese dream.

  Are you ready go

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