Im a primary school student in Yulin. My name is Xiao Ming. Im twelve years old. All my teachers are very friendly to me and I like them all.


  Im a tall girl. I have long black hair and big bright eyes. All my classmates say Im pretty.


  My favorite sport is ping-pong. I often watch ping-pong games on TV. I like listening to music. Im good at playing the piano. I want to be a pianlist when I grow up.


  I also like reading all kinds of books. I can learn a lot from books. Reading helps to open my eyes. Books are really my best friends. They will lead me to a bright future.


  The Grass in Front of my HouseThere is a little grass in front of my house. As the ground in front of my house is concrete, the only grass becomes very outstanding. It is very strong. It grows well exposing to the weather. There is nothing objects can protect it. For example, last night, there was a strong thunderstorm. Now it is tired but still never gives up from growing up. I think I have to learn its spirit. I need to be strong in my life.


  When I go to school, I will have a test once a month, I am so afraid to tell my mother the school report, if I do well, my mother is happy, but if I am not doing well, I let my mother down. The school report is so horrible, I think the parents should treat it right, whether the child do well, they should encourage the kids.