Radio and television are very popular in the world today. Millions of people watch TV. Perhaps more people listen to the radio.


  The TV is more useful than the radio. On TV we can see and hear what is happening in the world. However, radio isnt lost. It is still with us. And listeners are becoming more. Thats because of a transistor. It is very easy to carry. You can put one in your pocket and listen to it on the bus or your bike when you go to work.


  I have a big family. There are four people in my family: my mother, my father, my younger brother and me. Oh, there is also a dog named Buddy lives with us. My mother is a Chinese teacher, and my father is a lawyer. My little brother and I go to the same school. On weekday, my father sends us to school; while mother help us with our homework. My favorite thing is to play with our dog, Buddy. If we have enough time, we will take him for a walk. I love my family.



  I like dogs, because they are mans good friends. They can do many helpful things to us, such as guarding our houses, greeting guests, helping the police, and so on. Some trained dogs can even lead the blind people and save peoples lives. So theyre treated as our family members. I hope someday dogs will be in great harmony with human-beings.



  I have a parrot. Its my favorite animal. Its name is Gaga because it always makes sounds like that. We picked it up in the parking lot six years ago. We released a revelation but had no one to claim. It doesnt change a lot but its color becomes more and more beautiful. We say that its a handsome boy. It can imitate some simple words and phrases, like hello or greet to my grandmother. My grandmother often talks to it or plays music for it. We think that its some kind of clever, because it always makes sounds when its boring or hungry. It adds a lot of fun to our lives.



  Dog is my favorite animal. The reason why I like it most is because its very competent. Dog is the best friend for mankind. It is also the best companion for the old people. The dog can feel the human nature. So many old people will raise dogs if their children are not with them. The old can give their love for their children to the dog to make themselves feel warmly. I believe the seeing eye dog is very famous. They are special dogs. Those dogs will guide their owners whose eyes is blind to go the correct way. See, I say dogs are very competent.


  The weather of these days is really bad. Its foggy and there is haze in the air.So, we cant see the things very far.Every morning, when I pull back the curtain, I only can see the building dozens miles away.When I go to school, I must be very careful when I go across the street.Besides, the air is dirty because of the haze. I even feel hard to breathe.My mother tells me to wear a respirator. I do as she tells.Because of the bad weather, car accidents happen more frequently. I hope drivers can drive more carefully and keep safe.


  I have a good sister. She has short hair, small eyes, big ears and a big nose. Shes quiet and cute. She speaks Chinese well. She likes music and painting. Can you guess whats her name?


  I am ten years old now, I am studying in the very beautiful school. The schoolyard has green trees and colorful flowers around. When I walk into the school, I feel like I am going into a wonderful land. There is a big playground there, there are many amusement facilities. I like to play games with my friends on the playground. I love the beautiful schoolyard.


  Look at the photo of my family,the girl is me.Im fourteen years old.Im in Dongzhou Middle School.I like reading,listening to music and drawing pictures.Im a happy girl.


  On the left is my mother.She is a teacher.She wears a pair of glasses.Her hair is short.She looks young.


  On the right is my father.He is a teacher,too.He loves his students very much.But he likes smoking.


  My grandmother is behind my mother.She is a housewife.She washes clothes and cooks every day.My grandfather is behind my father.He is a chef.But now he has retired.I have a big family.I like my father,mother,grandfather,grandmother and they like me too.